Pizza Station

In this station children will develop different skills and abilities, they will learn to follow instructions, to be organized, they will understand that everything has a process, they will develop their creativity, and they will enjoy making something with their own hands that they will be able to eat later. In this station the children will have a culinary experience where they will not only learn to make their own pizza, they will also learn to be autonomous following the instructions of the professional tutor who will always be with them, who will give them the ingredients and then guide them through the whole process of elaboration.

  • Price : $35.000 
  • Duration : 30 min 

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Carpentry Station

Wood throughout history has been a very important material in the toys of millions of children, it is the preferred material for playful toys and in Vamos Kids could not miss this

Slime Station

A whole world to discover is this station children will experience what happens when we mix certain elements, how things can change texture, color and even their state when they are mixed.

Cupcakes Station

We know how exciting it is for a child to participate in activities in the kitchen so we wanted to make a sweet experience as well and offer our little guests the

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Horario de apertura

Horario de apertura

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